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Your New Favourite Kinky Little Secret

If you are already sure of what you want, what are you waiting for?  
Get in touch, so you can get to touch.

Who am I?

The Short Version

Age: Late 20's

Location: London based, with frequent international travelling

Background: British born, Jamaican heritage

Hobbies & Interests: Live Music, Yoga, Nature Walks, Singing, Dancing, Cooking, Theatre and looking after my Plant Babies

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The Long Version

Hello you,


If you are longing for a companion who embodies sophistication, wit, and a touch of extravagance, you needn’t search any longer.


I am Luna, a personification of desire, a tantalising blend of allure and mischief, and quite possibly, the curator of your next unforgettable experience.


As a descendent from the third largest island in the Caribbean, you'll swiftly discern my naturally warm, vibrant and confident aura, coupled with my eccentric and sometimes inappropriate, sense of humour.  I am a connoisseur of conversation, wholeheartedly savouring scintillating discussions on matters both profound and whimsical.  Elegant, educated and enticing, I possess the innate ability to blend seamlessly into any social environment.

As a classically trained vocalist, I harbour a deep passion and appreciation for creativity in all its beautiful forms.  My deliciously inventive mind harmonises perfectly with my deviant side, better known as Goddess Sky.  I proudly embrace my power through a sensual and playful approach to Domination, which, when combined with the art of seduction, ensures you will be mine until further notice.

Admire Me

Who are you?

Picture yourself sipping your favourite drink in the corner of a dimly lit lounge, filled with excitement yet remaining composed.  You gaze at the woman in the seat across from you and smile to yourself as you realise her charm is as effervescent as the bubbles in her glass.  Your eyes lock as the sounds of live Cool Jazz dance around you both, though they dare to interfere with the moment you are lost in.  The dessert menu is offered, but she politely declines as you both decide to enjoy dessert somewhere more private.




Perhaps you are ready to let go of your inhibitions and explore your deepest, darkest desires in a fun, safe and non-judgmental space.  As you quietly kneel before me, I bend over to your ear and quietly confess how much a subservient gentleman who knows how to display true adoration, dedication and appreciation turns me on.  As I reach for a leash and collar, your heart flutters and the real fun begins.

Have a different idea?  

I'd love to hear your fantasy.  

Tell me here.


Let's Begin the Conversation

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