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The Finer Details

Although we may not always share the same views in this life, one thing I believe we often do share is our raw desire for authentic human connection and life enriching interactions.  Allow me to be your compassionate listener, your calming presence, and a facilitator of your joy and excitement while we get lost in our own beautiful world together.


Let's Talk...

Now, I would love to hear from you!  

Please use the contact form to say hello. Alternatively, you may use the form as a guideline to contact me via email at


Alongside a brief introduction of yourself, please use this space to include all other relevant details relating to our meeting. Please mention your preferred time, location, your budget, desired type of experience (GFE, Sensual Domination or any other ideas) and any ideas or special requests you wish to share at this time.


Thank you for submitting darling!

Contact Me


To ensure our upcoming encounter is nothing but sheer delight, a 25% deposit of the total booking fee is required to secure our special date. 


I accept deposits via Bank Transfer or WishTender.  Once we've decided on the date and the duration of our time together, I'll share all the payment details with you.


Travel or accommodation fees outside of London will need to be paid for in full and in advance.


I understand that life's sweet surprises sometimes lead to the need for changes in our rendezvous.  Should you require a change, I kindly request you to let me know with as much notice as possible. 

  • If more than 48 hours notice is provided, your deposit can be switched swayed to an alternative date, within the following 60 days.

  • If less than 48 hours notice is provided, a 50% cancellation fee is requested which can be used towards our next meeting, within the following 60 days.

  • If less than 24 hours notice, I will require the full balance paid as a cancellation fee.  I will not be able to book another date with you without this.


​​If I must cancel a date, I will also provide as much notice as I can and I will suggest alternative dates.  If the alternative options are not suitable, your deposit will be returned in full via a bank transfer.


Should the need arise for me to cancel due to concerns about safety or your conduct, any funds paid towards the booking will not be refunded.

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